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Boeing 777 pegou fogo durante aterrissagem de emergência

  1. Latest photograph of the crashed Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 at #SFO Airport. Courtesy: Local news station. pic.twitter.com/6DrErFxa2G
  2. An Asiana Airlines 777-200LR crashed on final approach into SFO at 15:28Z today. It appears they made a very bad landing, completely missing the threshold, centerline, and almost the whole runway. The tail broke off, the left engine broke off, and the right engine was drug along with the plane off the runway side, as well as a huge fire on the top. No known casualties, lets hope it stays that way #777 #772 #planecrash #plane #sfo
  3. Horrible just glad passengers and crew are safe!
  4. PHOTO: A fire truck sprayed water on the Boeing 777 after it crashed in San Francisco b.globe.com/12Ojmdn #SFO pic.twitter.com/ZsPPKqb03E
  5. Another photo. Lots of smoke. RT @mgescuro: Plane crash at #SFO. View from my house. This looks bad! pic.twitter.com/Zs0EPpQ3yg
  6. Hope everyone is fine !!#sfo#planecrash#asianaairlines#sanfrancisco#b777#boeing#aviation
  7. People being evacuated via the emergency slides at the plane #crash at #SFOpic.twitter.com/BK4qq1e3qN
  8. An Asiana Airlines 777 from Taipei has reportedly crashed on landing in San Francisco. pic.twitter.com/JqLj9OAtzv #SFO
  9. Airplane on fire at SFO airport
  10. Via @stefanielaine, who was at SFO airport. This looks close to a photo on impact: pic.twitter.com/g4D3X6VVLL
  11. Picture of aircraft crash while landing at SFO airportpic.twitter.com/VcUluNLzYA
  12. Photo shared by @blumonsoon appears to show the 777 plane at SFO airportpic.twitter.com/XOBxaeNnuX

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